iPhones-Device for which everyone is crazy right!!! I don’t know why everyone is a big fan of this device. We are not criticizing, Yes iPhones gives many superb features but here are some reasons where Android is better than iPhones. For example, Best Mobile Number tracker in Android is far better and advanced than in the iPhones.

• No expandable memory or SD card slot in iPhones:

iPhone contains the built-in flash memory that you cannot extend. So, you need to buy iPhone model on basis of your memory requirements. While this is not the case with Android phones. The maximum number of Android mobiles come with SD Card Slot using which the memory of smartphone can be extended. This is one of the strong reason which makes Android device better than iPhones.

• Non Removable batteries in iPhone:

If your Android mobile’s battery starts making any difficulties like heating, you can simply remove it or replace it with the new one. While iPhones come with non-removable batteries which cannot be replaced in such condition.

• iPhone cannot be used as TV remote:

Android mobiles like LG G3, Galaxy S5 can be used as TV remotes because they have infrared blasters on their top. But any such feature is not available on iPhone. Thus this is one more reason where android is better.

• iTunes is must if you want to download music from iPhone whereas Android doesn’t have such restriction:

Android allows downloading of music from any source, unlike Apple or ios that require iTunes only for downloading any music.

• Any micro-USB cable can be used for charging an Android mobile unlike iPhone:

There are generally specific cable and plug for iPhone. But on Android, there is one universal USB charger that fits almost in any plug and can be used for any device.

• Customizing Android screen is easier than iPhone:

Because of customization of the screen, we get considerably more mobile tracking information on the Android devices. If you are a big fan of designs and you love to customize your home screen than Android offers much more options, unlike iPhone. Many launchers can be used and installed on your android mobile. However, this is not a big issue but iPhone may embarrass user as it provides fewer features.