Head Disavows Reddit Rumors Tech Used on All-Female Ghostbusters Film

MALTA – November 11, 2016 – Influent Systems head A.J. Nempner (former founder of Neurolytics, an immersive VR analytics engine), today issued a statement intended to quell online rumors that working in cooperation with Cambridge Analytica, had used so-called “psychographics” in building the predictive model which Warner Bros. employed to develop the script concept for the smash box office hit, the all-female Ghostbusters.

“While we all loved this film, it simply wasn’t us – though it’s possible that third parties may have used our technologies,” Nempner was quoted as saying via Skype interview from temporary confinement in Singapore. “For security and privacy reasons, we are not able to see the data used by our clients, or their sub-contractors.”

While fans of gamergate and other affiliated misogynists decried the film and relentlessly harassed its stars on social media, Nempner denied any direct involvement in attempts to engage in what critics are calling algorithmic social programming on a mass scale, and embedding of subconscious illuminist symbology. “EU regulations, for one,” Nempner said, “disallow us from doing that. And besides, we were way too busy working on the presidential campaigns to have time for this.”

Whether Redditzens believe him, or this will only fuel the already rampant conspiracy theories is anybody’s guess.


Originally written by guest contributor: Monica Wartwright for the Canberra Times. Re-published here with permission. Publisher disclaims all liability for inaccuracies contained herein.