On 5 November 2017, I, SingaporeRoundup.com, published an article titled “Imperium Crown and Asia Fund Space Engaging in Market Making Services, Unfair to Investors” (the “Article”) on various websites, including but not limited to the following: (a) https://singaporeroundup.com; (b) http://malaysiaflash.com; (c) http://thevegastimes.com; (d) http://thechicagonewsjournal.com; (e) http://thesfnewsjournal.com; (f) http://southafricabulletin.com; and (d) http:// allindiabulletin.com.

I admit and acknowledge that the Article means and is understood to mean that Imperium Crown Limited, Asia Fund Space Pte Ltd and/or Equity Consulting Group Ltd are engaged in inappropriate and/or illegal activity to artificially, misleadingly and/or unfairly fix and manipulate the share price of Imperium Crown Limited.

I admit and acknowledge that this allegation, and any other allegations set out in the Article, are entirely false and entirely without basis.

I unconditionally and unreservedly apologise to Imperium Crown Limited, Asia Fund Space Pte Ltd and Equity Consulting Group for any and all damage, loss of reputation, distress, and/or embarrassment caused by the allegations made in the Article.

I have removed all publications of the Article and all links to the Article since 10 November 2017. I undertake not to cause the Article to be re-published, and not to make any further allegations to the same, similar and/or related effect to any of those found in the Article.