Our skin is very important. Good health and good condition of skin say so many things – are you ill, do you eat good food. On your face is written more than this – our face is window to the world. We see, speak, react to noises, we express emotions and all these conditions are on face.

Fortunately or unfortunately we cannot hide our face from the world – everything is printed during years.

Sometimes in life we pass thru bad days and we are sad, otherwise we have happy moment and this affects to face skin. If you have and additional factors the result is coming – sagged skin full with wrinkles, scars and lack of freshness.

The reason why skin is getting old is lost of collagen – it just slowly disappears from the body. Then you start buying cosmetics, make up and start going on expensive procedures but with no particular effect. Make up can only hide the truth below and these “lie” floes in to the bathroom sink when you wash your face.

Anyway there are other factors which influence on face skin condition. There is pollution, UV-rays, wind, sometimes specific work settings, etc., and all this is responsible for skin condition.

So many young people are suffering from bad skin and bad looking face. For all of you there is one way to beautiful, healthy, smooth skin – Cambridge’s Medical Group SCULPTRA. Try it, you won’t regret – it is working for real!

This is totally new method for face lifting but without surgery! SCULPTRA uses one natural supplement derived from fruits –  poly-L-lactic acid.

This poly-L-lactic acid actually makes organism to produce collagen. Yes, it doesn’t inject you with collagen to fill your wrinkles and folds, but makes you to produce your own collagen in amount you need to “refresh” your face skin.

No surgeries, no nip/tuck! All natural fruit acid!

In fact SCULPTRA can target one of the underlying causes of facial aging. The loss of facial collagen is what causes depressions.

When you apply SCULPTRA  your own reinforced collagen structure provides a foundation. And foundation  gradually restores your face the look again full. No more facial wrinkles and folds that have written stories over life time. Whit the time of applying wrinkles are going to be filled, face skin will become smoother, fuller and younger.
When you apply SCULPTRA by Cambridge Medical Group you will significantly reinforced skin in areas of tear troughs, forehead and temples, cheek dents and facial dents. The main ingredient of SCULPTRA – poly-L-lactic acid is biodegradable and biocompatible and all natural.
SCULPTRA face lift repairs  successfully wrinkles and folds without surgery, only with natural ingredients.
This method is different from other facial lifts because it gradually and subtly corrects. This makes it suitable for large volume corrections, redefining facial contours, restoring facial fat loss,  and smoothening wrinkles, folds and creases.

Do not hesitate to contact Cambridge Medical Group Singapore and to enquire about your new, beauty skin, free of wrinkles.