Team building activities are an effective way to super-charge productivity and motivation, and cooking classes are one of the best options… but why?

In summary: it promotes socialization, communication, celebration and teamwork. That’s why it is an excellent team building activity, but let’s take a deeper and more detailed look into it.

It Makes Team Building Fun:

Let’s be honest: people often hate typical team building dynamics. They are boring, and several times, very silly. But it doesn’t happen with cooking classes, especially if you get them from an excellent school like Go Thai Cooking School.

If the chefs are friendly, attentive and talented, and the environment is optimal, then your team will have much fun in these classes.

Therefore, if team building has not been working very well with you lately, then you should give cooking classes a try, because it takes out the boring and silly and replaces it with plenty of fun!

And in order to make this work fun needs to be present at all times, that’s why it is important to pick an excellent school, like the one I’ve suggested.

It Breaks The Routine:

It is normal for a team to get stuck in routine, and therefore, see how productivity and motivation decline. But worry not, because team building cooking classes are an excellent way to break the routine, release stress and promote optimal teamwork.

If you are looking for something to break the mold, and make your team work and cooperate better, then this may be exactly what you need right now.

It Promotes Competition:

Competition is powerful, and cooking classes are an excellent way to promote it. Let’s take Go Thai Cooking School as an example again for the purpose of explaining this point.

In their team building cooking classes they divide the participants in team and are assigned a chef to coach them. The chef will guide through the whole process, and at the end, the members of each team who scored the highest in flavor, presentation and team-work with their dishes will be awarded.

As you can see it is a fun and effective way to incentivize healthy competition, which is exactly what your team members need to super-charge their productivity and achieve more!

It Improves Communication:

As the persons will be divided in different team, and placed into a competition, this will motivate them to communicate effectively.

Communication is a key factor in any team, and cooking classes are quite useful at the hour of promoting and improving it.

Improving this fundamental aspect will have a giant positive effect in the work environment, and hence, help your team members to cooperate more effectively. And you can easily guess that this will help you and your team to achieve greater and more daring goals.


There should be no doubt now: cooking classes are excellent for team building. They are a great investment, because they will improve the performance of your team, and hence, the results you obtain!