Getting Stains out of Fabrics

PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 02, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Whether you are a child or an adult, accidents happen, people get hurt. A scraped knee, a cut while shaving, or any other number of accidents can cause blood to stain clothing. While larger losses that occur, i.e. death, loss of limb, etc, will require a professional to clean up. Most accidental cuts and scrapes can be cleaned up by an individual.

It should be kept in mind that blood stains and sets into fabric quickly, so it is always best to clean up as soon as the accident occurs. Fabric items should not be laundered immediately, and hot water should not be used as this makes the stain set permanently.

Things Needed to Clean Blood:
• Hand or Dish Towel
• Cold Water
• Mild Detergent
• 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
• Bowl or Basin

Steps to Cleaning Blood from Fabric:

Dab – The spot should be dabbed using a damp towel or rag that has been soaked with cold water. During this process, the spot should not be scrubbed as this pushes the stain deeper into the fibers. Work from the outside of the spot to the inside of the spot.

Soak – A bowl or basin should be filled a mild detergent/stain remover and room temperature water. If possible, detergents specifically designed to fight stains should be used, i.e. Oxi Clean. Fabrics like wool silk, and other only dry clean only fabrics should be watched out for as they may require special attention from a dry cleaner or other fabric professionals. The affected area should be soaked in the detergent water for at least an hour, some stains may require being soaked for longer. The use of bleach and hot water should be avoided as these can damage the fibers and encourage the stain to set.

Blot – After soaking the fabric into the detergent, the fabric should be blotted with 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is a mild bleach that is safe for skin and clothing and will not weaken the fabric. Some people suggest using toothbrush on the spot; however, this may force the stain deeper into the fabric. After treating the spot with the hydrogen peroxide, the spot should be rinsed completely or washed in cool water to remove any remaining chemicals.

Dry – The spot should be left to air dry as heat from a dryer can set the stain.

Repeat – If the stain is still present then the steps should be repeated.

People should be aware that this process is only for small spots/stains and not for larger stains. This process does also not protect against any bloodborne pathogens. If the blood covers a large area, pools, or is in several locations then it is best to call a professional.

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