Nutrition is a Key Factor in Liver Health – Amsety is Making a Difference

CARLSBAD, CA, June 27, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Did you know that your liver carries out over 500 different functions? It’s not something you probably think much about, but your liver is a key player in your body’s digestive system. A properly functioning liver converts nutrients from the food we eat into essential blood components, storing vitamins and minerals and producing proteins and enzymes to maintain hormone balances in our bodies. Everything you eat or drink, including medicine, passes through it and according to a recent survey among physicians and liver health experts – nutrition plays a major role in the liver’s health.

“The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, yet one of the most neglected,” states Ivonne Cameron, Liver disease and Hepatitis expert. “You can’t live without it. As the body’s last line of defense, your liver is responsible for filtering everything you put into your body, making it one of the hardest working organs.”

So how do you keep a liver healthy? Of course, we should all follow a healthy lifestyle, get plenty of exercise and keep a close eye on nutrition to ensure liver fitness. But in today’s fast paced world, this can sometimes be difficult and easier said than done-until now.

“The liver can be a very forgiving organ, but when we are looking to improve our liver health, there are a lot of things people can do diet-wise to make that happen,” states Lauren Wagner, Registered Dietician and Nutritionist. “Following a healthy diet with more vegetables and less sugar is a great way to start – along with reaching for a healthier snack on-the-go.”

Healthy snacks generally have a bad reputation for being tasteless and on-the-go snacks are worse when it comes to nutrient content. That’s where Amsety Bars are different. Based on extensive scientific research with a team of liver health specialists, Amsety selected only the highest quality ingredients, top suppliers, and created the exclusive Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix formula. The Peanut Butter Superstar is packed full of powerful vitamins and minerals giving you the nutrition you need and the taste that you love, while the rich, creamy, Dark Chocolate Bliss delights both the taste buds and the body. Amsety Bars are Gluten-free, have no refined sugar or preservatives, are low in sodium and are 100% organic, vegetarian and kosher.

Categorized as a Food Supplement by the FDA, Amsety Bars remain a patented, one of a kind product on the US market to help liver patients manage their daily diets. Experts applaud Amsety Bars for their nutritional value, and consumers are thrilled about their taste. Amsety Bars are found only online by visiting

So eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise and grab your favorite Amsety Bar on the go. Your liver will thank you.

About Amsety
Amsety LLC was founded to support liver health in the United States. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California and Berlin, Germany. Amsety Bar was developed to improve the lives of liver patients by delivering healthy liver nutritional solutions. Nutrition is a critical factor for general health and well-being. However, maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging. Improving your nutrition is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Amsety is helping people with special liver conditions by providing products which promote liver health and wellness. Amsety Bars offer a convenient way to include important vitamins and minerals in the daily diet of liver patients.

Amsety Bars are brought to life by CEO Mustafa Behan, who possesses 20+ years of executive experience at McKinsey & Co, Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Bank, and Fidelity Investments. He’s implemented multimillion-dollar marketing and consulting projects for consumer goods in Europe (e.g. Pantene, Old Spice, Pampers, Always, etc.), and environmental and healthcare projects in the Middle East and US.

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