The last few years have yielded continued growth for Huat Hock Pte Ltd, following a successful business model that featured 4 outlets running 24hrs services. Since the company was established, the nation’s first and only 24hrs pet retail store has already inked a total of 7 stores across the country and with more than $3,000,000 worth of products in their stock.

This accelerated growth is also coupled with the news that Superpets is happy to announce they have just obtained the rights to import and distribute Natural Delicious which is a 5-star rating pet food from Italy and Italy and many other premium brands such as Catidea (USA), Bioline (German Technology), Akane (Japan paper litter), Kindpet (China premium cat litter) as well. Mr. Go local brand “Meow Meow”

For many people, pets are their source of happiness and companionship. Hence, they are committed to providing only the best for their little companions. Whether it be grooming, pet food, or various accessories, pet owners are always on the lookout for things to pamper their pets with.

“The steady growth of the pet industry is credited to pet owners looking for premium brands and natural products for their pets and an increase in the number of households with pets.” Said Mr. Go Thiam Huat Brian the Founder/Director of Huat Hock Pte Ltd “we plan to make our own pet food range and also acquire more outlets, eventually increasing our number of outlets to twenty by 2022.”

Superpets is a one-stop shop for customers, offering a broad selection of premium pet food and supplies.  These services are provided by trained professional staff who provide knowledgeable and friendly advice, enhancing the overall customer experience. Superpets provide pet owners with the convenience to shop locally in a community-oriented and caring environment, delivered by employees who develop lasting connections with their customers.

“The expansion into new markets and growth in existing markets shows the positive influence of Superpets throughout Singapore,” Mr. Go added. “We are excited to bring the people of Singapore quality products and an educational experience on how to best care for their pets. We’re also looking forward to renovating our existing outlets, as well as introduce better brands of products in our lineup to demonstrate the consistent, dependable Superpets name to our customers.” 

About Huat Hock Pte Ltd

Huat Hock Pte Ltd is the first and only 24hours retailer of pet food and pet-related supplies in Singapore. The Company operates 7 stores offering customers a broad assortment of premium and holistic pet food and supplies with friendly and knowledgeable service. Huat Hock Pte Ltd prides itself on providing pet owners with the best selection of pet care items at competitive prices. The company was established in 2011 by Mr. Brian Go Thiam Huat. The company operates under the shop name, Pets Dreamz, and in 2014, Pets Dreamz was renamed into Superpets.

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