Whether you are a simple college student or a professor, one can always have difficulties writing a good summary. If the text is several pages long, or if it contains several paragraphs or chapters, the text has to be re-read several times so that the key points can be highlighted. Resoomer was created in order to make this task easy. This text summarizer offers a variety of attractive features.

Why Use Resoomer ?

Resoomer is going to help the user create a summary that is exactly the same as a text’s content. It summarizes the coherence and the structure of the initial document so as to get a text that is easy to understand and that only contains the major key points. This educational tool will help a professor or a person performing a job that requires the reading of several texts to identify the main idea very easily and the secondary ideas conveyed in a text.

Resoomer is a complete tool for college students because it allows the quick understanding of a text’s main ideas without the need to re-read it many times. To do so, Resoomer does a quick analysis of the text to find key words and phrases which will then create in no time a clear summary. This text summary tool is a precious help when it comes to summary, text analysis and writing tasks.

Resoomer can also summarize a text automatically. But Resoomer does much more, it can analyze every type of texts as well. Thus, whether you have an argumentative text, an analysis of a work of art, a history text, a scientific document or a thesis to summarize, you can rely on this intelligent tool. Whatever your texts’ length, you can use it to quickly create a summary without any effort.

An Easy-to -Use Software

The advantages of this sofware’s use for summarizing a text are numerous. Please note that Resoomer is a desktop tool just like any other. To use it, simply open it on your computer. Also note that contrary to several word processing tools, Resoomer doesn’t have to be downloaded, nor installed beforehand. The software is available from the editor’s site without creating an account beforehand or from your browser’s extensions if you want to install the extension for your browser. In the form of a Chrome extension, this tool is useful for summarizing a web page. Thus, you can protect your eyesight by reducing the time you spend in front of your screen to read all the content of a text that could contain several dozens of lines. Also, with Resoomer, you are always sure to get all of the important information that a digital document can contain. The software can highlight the key points so that you can find them easily.

What you should remember is that Resoomer is a text summary tool of a great efficiency that was designed to be easy of use. It was specially created for professionnals and college students that need to write a quick summary to increase productivity. In order to excel in your critical and text analysis works, from now on, you simply need to equipped yourself with Resoomer!