The Island of Bali provides all kinds of great traveling destinations. This island has all things that people want to visit. In this case, beaches become one of the attractive destinations to find in Bali. There are many beaches to visit and each of them has its own attractive points to find. These beaches are worthy to visit for people who love to enjoy the beauty of sea and sand. There are also beaches providing access for snorkeling and other water sports.

  • Legian becomes one of the good beaches in this island. Legian can be a good spot for surfing and it is not too crowded compared to other beaches, such as Kuta beach that is quite close to this beach. This is also a great place for watching the awesome sunset. There are some resorts around the beach, so it can be the perfect spot to stay for awhile on this island.
  • Kuta will be the next destination for the beach. This has become one of the most famous beaches in Bali, even in the world. This beach offers a complete package for the beach lovers. This can be a great spot for water sports. Surfing and swimming can be done well in here. Then, the beach can also be a great place to enjoy the sunlight with the sunbathing activity. Some shopping spots are also available on this beach. Those are the complete package offered by this awesome beach.
  • Then, the other great spot of the beach is Jimbaran. Jimbaran can be a great spot for people who love to have quality time on the beach. This beach has its own attractive point on the pristine beach. There is also some shopping area that can be a good place to find several merchandises and iconic items from this beach. Many crafts can be good stuff to have.

Of course, this island is not only about beaches. There are still other things to find in Bali. One of them is Tanah Lot. This is actually a temple, yet it can be a good tourist spot in Bali. In Bali, temples are not only for praying, yet it can become a good place to visit. There are many temples in Bali and each of them has different great things to offer. Tanah Lot is one of the best temples to visit. This temple is located on the rock and it is really close to the open ocean. Visiting the temple and standing on its rock can be a good moment to enjoy the wind of ocean. During the low tide, people can go to the temple by foot.

Then, this island also has National Park. It is West Bali National Park. This can be the alternative for people who love to have an adventure while seeing the beauty of Bali’s nature. Trees and animals can be found in this national park. One of the beautiful animals to find is White Bali Starling. This is the iconic animal and it is a bird. This place is located in the west area of Bali and it is easy to reach. The park itself is divided into several areas, such as savanna, mangrove forest, and a beach.