In her new You Tube channel, Dr Nirvadha Singh aka Doc N shares her first author video. The video commences with the sweet nightingale voice over by the raven haired beauty in a new look makeover. Scenes are breathtaking and equally match the inspiring quotes.

The video is said to captivate an easy read, “You: The Journey Begins” (published by BluLotis), which provides a unique, practical approach to self-discovery and self-healing. Centered on life-changing experiences, the book provides the solution to self-healing author Dr Nirvadha Singh has discovered.

“My inspiration is from past experiences, life lessons, and the positive energized universe; whereby I turned to the Universe to redefine myself to find answers to my challenges,” Doc N explains.

Providing nourishment for the soul, “You” guides readers to unlock their potential in order to allow them to discover themselves. It integrates a biopsychospiritual approach whereby the body, mind and soul are all communicating simultaneously.

“I am living proof that you can dream the impossible dream,” Doc N says. If I can do it, so can you.”

All we can say is, this book is a must read for a complete mind make-over!