Leaving your home country, or a place where you have been living for several years, is never an easy deal, to the contrary, it can be very difficult to deal with. Nonetheless, there are certain things you can do to make this relocation process free of stress.

Today you will discover the 5 tips that will help you to make your relocation to your new country as smooth as possible.

l#1 – Hire an Excellent Relocation Company:

This is the most important thing at the hour of relocating to your new home, because if you don’t do it correctly then you will have to deal with some (or all) of the following problems:

  • Broken items
  • Delays in delivery time
  • Problems with customs office
  • Poor communication
  • Lost items

And some more. That’s why you need to use a tool like Wise Move, which allows you to get free quotes from the best relocations companies in UAE. This will save you plenty of time and allow you to pick a really good company that will deliver the service you are looking for.

Take this step very seriously, because otherwise your relocation will start off the wrong way, and this will bring several problems to your life, something that you have to avoid at all cost.

There are some other things you need to take into account when hiring a company, but Wise Move makes things much easier. And worry not, because we will discuss those other things in short.

Young happy businessman with boxes to move to new office

#2 – Make Sure It Is Actually Amazing:

Here you have a small list that will help you to make sure it is an amazing company:

  • They must have several years in the industry
  • They must be licensed and offer insurance
  • They must transport your belongings crated
  • They must take photos of the packaging and shipment process
  • They need to provide assistance in the customs office
  • They must make a detailed and complete inventory
  • They need to offer an available and solid point of communication

These 7 points are what you need to keep into account at the hour of hiring an international moving company.

The point number five is especially important, because a poor management in the customs office can provoke you many problems… more than you can imagine which includes paying penalties, extra fees and even getting some of your belongings confiscated, that’s why you need to make sure your company will be there to support you.

#3 – Learn and Integrate with Local Culture:

You don’t have to lose your identity, but it is primordial for you to learn and integrate with local culture, so you don’t feel like an outsider in your new home.

Relocating should be an adventure, in a great extent it means integrating with the culture present in your new country and city. This will make your life easier, because it will be more practical for you to relate with locals, and hence, build nice relationships.

You can do this before traveling to your new city, and the sooner you do it the better. You can also try to use the internet to make friends with some locals prior to your arrival. Facebook groups are wonderful for this, especially when they are very niche (professions, hobbies, clubs, etc.).

Learning about history, local traditions and cuisine are great starting points to get used to your new home, and as I said the sooner you start the better. Knowing all about your environment before going there is a must-do.

#4 – Make New Friends:

It is normal to feel alone during your first days in your new city. That’s why I encourage you to try to meet some locals online through Facebook groups or other platforms, but try to keep it very niche focused, so you can meet persons with interests and likes similar to yours.

Joining clubs and groups is an excellent way to meet like-minded people. For example, if your passion is MMA then by joining a good gym in your city you can meet great people. The same goes if you are a passionate of ham radio, jazz music, salon dancing, salsa, painting, etc. You name it!

The point of this is to make friends with people who are not only local but also share similar interests, this way you will feel more like at home than like a stranger.

This is likely to take some time, but worry not, because if you really put effort into it then you will be making new friends in no time, it is all about taking action!

Networking is also very important and help you to make excellent connections. LinkedIn, Google+ and even Twitter are great ways to connect with professionals in your new city.

#5 – Embrace the Adventure and Keep Your Optimism High:

None said relocating was easy, that’s why you need to keep your optimism high and embrace the adventure!

You will do well if you act like a tourist for the first months, so make sure to actually do it. It includes getting all the street maps, be willing to make questions to people on the street to ask for directions and more.

You need to discover everything about your new city, which includes the best restaurants, the clubs you can attend, things to do during the day and evening, etc.

The point of this is to embrace the adventure and realize that the first weeks may be hard, but at the end of the day you will end up adapting, especially if you keep your optimism high.

That’s why making connections and new friends is the best way to make you feel at home. We are social beings, therefore we need this badly!


These 5 tips will make your relocation easier. It is still a stressful thing to do, but if you follow these recommendations then everything will turn out to be easier to manage for you, so give them a shoot!