When you are going abroad for studies, it is important to pack wisely and smartly to make the most of the prescribed limit to how much you can carry on the flights. These days, you cannot take a lot on the flights for free, unless you are ready to pay a bomb for every extra pound you carry over the stipulated limit. Most people don’t carry extra unless it is absolutely needed. In any case, when going abroad, you need to make sure that you don’t take your entire house with you, and pack only the essentials that would help you get started in the new country without depending on anyone else.

Most people pack so much that they end up paying hefty fees for the extra luggage at the airport. And, the amount paid for the luggage could actually be used to buy the same things from there. So, it is all about a proper planning and excellent execution when it comes to packing your stuff. When people start to pack their bags when leaving to study abroad, mostly the list continues till eternity, starting from that Teddy you hug to sleep or that favorite conditioner you use often. Many people would advise you many things but follow your instincts. Here are the few things you should “Not” pack when going to study abroad –

Toiletries & Make-up

These seem like a few things but add up to be a lot. Moreover, during the transit, if any of these bottles get crushed or squeezed, it can damage other items, adding to your trouble. Take only enough items to last you the first couple of weeks and double pack it, so that it doesn’t get broken on the way.


While carrying food items that has a long shelf life does make sense, it is not a good idea to take food items that doesn’t last long. In most cases, many of the food items may not be allowed in a new country and would be discarded at the entry points, so make sure you check what is allowed and what is not by doing a little research. And, if at all, it can be avoided, don’t hesitate to say no to your mom or aunt who has lovingly made you that delicious curry or pickle to take along with you.


Of course, you would need clothes, but don’t just empty your entire wardrobe at home into your bags. It is not a good idea because, in a new country, the clothes you wear back home might just not fit well depending on the weather as well as the culture there. Pack few basic garments, including casual, formal and semi-formal, so you are prepared for any event as soon as you land. You are not going to war, and cheap clothes are available everywhere, so don’t over-think and over-stress on clothes.


It is understandable if you are an avid book reader to carry a few books or a couple of your favorite DVDs, but don’t pack your entire library. Also, don’t carry a lot of electronics as it might not be allowed at the new country. Simply put, these things can be bought at the new country for cheap, and the library and internet can fill in the void for these items pretty easily.

These are the few items you should not pack when going abroad. The idea is to stay away from overdoing and over-packing any items. Stick to the basics and pack only the things you think would seem expensive in the new country or may not be available. You are going to stay there for long, so you would have to do a bit of shopping anyways, so make sure you don’t relocate all your stuff back at home to the new country.

For more information and support, check: https://www.idp.com/thailand/studyabroad