May 8, 2022, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, United States of America – As the first part in a series of videos exposing one of the biggest frauds in the hotbed of influencer culture around Beverly Hills, Spencer Cornelia tackles Enzo Zelocchi. Enzo has more than six million followers on Instagram, while he portrays himself as an award-winning actor and the CEO of A-Medicare. He is supposed to be en route to becoming the next generation Elon Musk. But according to Cornelia, this is all fake. 

After posting the article lauding himself as the next Elon Musk to his Instagram account, he received over fifteen million views to date. For reference, Kim Kardashian, one of the most prominent accounts on Instagram with over 300 million followers, has yet to break fifteen million views for a single post. How can this scammer receive more than fifteen million views for a post? Even his badly photoshopped post of him looking like a military hero has garnered nearly 7.5 million views since its release. Cornelia revealed that Zelocchi buys these views using bots, which he pays for with even more fraudulent activities.

Years ago, Enzo befriended someone who will be called “Brian Mills” for confidentiality purposes. This Brian invested $8 million into bitcoin a few years back, which is now located in a wallet only accessible via an encrypted HP laptop worth roughly $77 million. Unfortunately, Brian made the mistake of telling Enzo how much crypto was on the computer, so Enzo proceeded to steal the laptop and has been trying to log in ever since this incident took place in 2018. It seems worse when they found out that Brian was feeding and paying Enzo’s bills. Enzo repaid him by stealing his laptop, forever altering Brian’s life and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

This is not the only person who has had the displeasure of being scammed by Enzo Zelocchi. Sophia, called this for privacy reasons, is Italian and has known Enzo since their school days in Italy. According to a credible source, in a text conversation about Enzo, Sophia says, “He’s been faking his influencer image since then [2013]; I swear he begged me to get invited to this gala dinner. Then he would ask other friends and me to pay for his meals at Soho House in West Hollywood upon his invitation.” According to her, Enzo has a known history of scamming friends, which is the only way he pays for his bills. “Just my consciousness makes me feel I need to have him stopped; he lured girls into disgusting circles and even tried to get naked pictures of me.”

Sophia has filed a lawsuit against Enzo, claiming he owes her $5,798, which she paid him in November 2016 to receive a service that was never delivered; Enzo should have been helping Sophia get her visa. There is also evidence of a contract between the two, with Enzo asking for $7,000 to assist Sophia with getting her visa and providing other services.

Unfortunately, this story is just the tip of the iceberg. In part 2, Spencer Cornelia will delve more into Enzo’s fake celebrity status and introduce us to his accomplice David, who’s been seen carrying the laptop with the crypto wallet into Enzo’s apartment. 

For more information, please visit Spencer Cornelia’s YouTube channel.