Turning any bright idea into a successful business can be a challenge.

To be a student entrepreneur is a very difficult decision to make. Once made, it becomes hard to maintain. It has taken student entrepreneurs a lot of days of planning and careful thinking to walk on the path of success in the future. Having your personal business does not require you to be an expert: as a student entrepreneur, what you need is a goal, motivation and specific steps to get there.

Generally, what should we expect to be in minds of the average 6-12 years old teenagers?

Well they could vary from hangouts, movies, friends, exams and so on.

But the case of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, Brilliant Entrepreneur of Franchise Mall brand worldwide, who right from age 6 began to earn money through their creative animation designs, by creating different licensed animation cartoon characters that assist to raise the originality and attractiveness of their products. That is also a seed of Franchise Mall now

As we know, Franchise Mall is a collection of Franchise Brand from various kind of best culinary. You will wonder how come from 6 years teenagers can have a brilliant plan of Franchise Mall.

Start with Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista brilliant plan and with help of their mother, Franchise Mall Company established on 2004 with many collection brands such as : Sachiko Sushi, Joe Coffee, Grill Meatball, Almondega Chocado, Honey Potato Ball, Tofu Crispy, Jelly Jo, Pancake Crispy, etc.

Without any hesitate, on 2009 Franchise Mall Company became a Food Chain Restaurant Industry

Apart from the fact that they were very smart, they began their businesses whilst they were very young. These millionaire student entrepreneurs made their fortunes in technology and possess the right skills needed to effectively run their business. They have also developed their business quite well and now, aim to serve globally.

Having said that, outline here are some great steps to becoming a successful student entrepreneur.

Evaluate yourself

Brainstorming is a great way to test your idea and make it even stronger. Ideally, you would want some appropriate work experience in the area of business you want to pursue, but do not be afraid to venture out into the unknown if you are motivated enough. Find the business idea that fits you; make sure you target a business concept that utilizes your present resources and skills. In addition to being a student, your business idea must be easy to manage rather than use up a good deal of your time.

Research your competitors (and plan to crush them)

Based on your plan and the money you would like to earn, you may be happier opting for less sought-after markets that are more convenient to enter. Competitions are great for three main reasons:

  • They create signposts for you to work towards;
  • Competitions help to validate your idea, or at the very least highlight that maybe you need to focus your efforts on another venture;
  • The people you meet, whether fellow competitors or the experts assist you to form a business community, which provides your business with the greatest possibility of succeeding.

Make a stellar business proposal

Writing a business proposal is great for any student entrepreneur. It forces you to pull your idea and market opportunity apart. Though it may appear time consuming at first glance, you will find out that it becomes a great document that you are constantly updating and drawing from, in particular when entering into startup competitions. Your business plan must be easy and demand little start-ups capital, as otherwise you will merely get extra debt.

Look for a helpful mentor

It is definitely a good idea to take advice when you are trapped or requires the right direction. After getting your fool-proof business plan set in writing, the next thing is to register your company, open your office and start rocking!
Any new task is apparently intimidating at first. It is important never to lose hope but stay positive all through. You need not be an expert to develop a productive product. Be reminded that amateurs initiated Apple and Google. Pros constructed the Titanic. Therefore just do it and give it your best.