Despite starting off in the deepest corners of the World Wide Web, online football streaming is slowly, but steadily making its way into our lives – whether we’re ready for it or not. Providers no longer need to hide and constantly change their network address in order to avoid detection, as huge players in the entertainment industry are beginning to offering attractive, legal offerings. With just a click of a button, you are immediately teleported into a whole new dimension, giving you access to entertainment like never before. In a matter of seconds, your favorite TV shows, movies, and sporting events are at the tip of your fingers.

We want to take the time to focus on football streaming, a service that is beginning to gain traction, causing a shockwave through the cable industry. If you’re a football fan, owning cable TV could very well be a thing of the past, with streaming becoming the alternative route to the future. As we move into the age of new media, it’s beginning to be clear that this is definitely the way to go.

Disrupting the Traditional Industry

Presently, cable broadcasters provide you with a large amount of content, but they also have your hands tied when it comes to giving you the choice of what you want to watch. The problem here is that the audience will almost never consume all the channels that are being offered. Broadcasters are throwing one huge net and acquiring additional audiences due to the vast variety of content. By taking the alternative route and turning to online streaming though, you are instantly disrupting a system that has run so smoothly without disruption for years.

Football, especially the English Premier League, is considered one of the most watched football leagues in the world, with a huge fan-base located in all corners of the globe. Take beIN Sports Connect for example, a streaming service operated by beIN Sports, which takes football streaming to a whole new level. Through the use of their application, all you need is access to the internet, whether through your phone’s data plan or WIFI. You will then be able to watch your favourite football matches on your phone, personal tablet, laptop, or smart TV. This is the absolute best choice if you’re someone who only watches TV when there is a football match on. Unlike subscribing to a cable service, all other content can easily be tuned out, because applications such as beIN Sports Connect puts the choice in the hands of the consumer, and for fans, that extra level of personalization goes a long way. As internet speeds worldwide increase, watching content straight from a streaming source is getting to a level that could eventually make traditional media obsolete.

Weighing up the Costs

When it comes to seeing money leave your wallet, everyone will usually think twice, eventually choosing the most cost-efficient alternative. The same goes when selecting how they consume media, with football fanatics usually turning away from cable television due to the higher monthly package cost. Using a provider such as beIN Sports Connect, you know exactly what you’re paying for, especially when it comes to streaming football on a weekly basis.

If watching sports is what you’re looking for, then why pay for other content such as news or local television when it’s not what you want?

The same logic applies to buying a set meal at fast food restaurant, the entire set with a side dish, drink, and a main may have more content, but if all you really want is the main dish, you’re actually better off buying that on its own. In this case, less is actually more!

An application that streams football content live such as beIN Sports Connect offers a variety of price plans, including short-term options, unlike the typical long-term contracts that other content distributes tend to offer. From daily packages priced at only 49 THB for 24 hours, you will be able to watch an entire day’s worth of football for next to nothing. This simple platform gives you the ability to watch your favourite matches within a specific timeframe, for example in an emergency or for a special occasion. Apart from that, there are weekly (99 THB for 7 days), monthly (199 THB for 30 days), and yearly (1,599 THB for 365 days) packages. This gives both flexibility and ease for the consumer because all the options/price points are completely dependent on user needs. Why pay anything during the English Premier League off season? We don’t want to, why should you?

Quality is Overtaking Quantity in all Aspects

The flexibility of applications such as beIN Sports Connect are beginning to follow a larger trend – where the quality of content is proving to be more important that the quantity of content being showcased.

Previously, when it came to online football streaming, many people experienced a website with a whole bunch of unnecessary advertisements and pop-ups, with less than acceptable quality. However, as larger broadcasters begin to accept that streaming online content is becoming a huge part of our everyday lives, services like beIN Sports Connect are now able to offer channels that are of the highest quality. With the ability to stream in High Definition on all platforms, users will have immediate access to the best HD streams in the palm of their hand.

Another huge benefit which appeals to just about everyone is the ability to convert streams from a phone, tablet, or laptop onto a larger TV, either through an HDMI cable or wirelessly through a Smart TV. This completely eliminates the need to have any sort of cable television because you can now watch your favourite football match on a large flat screen TV with ease, embracing the fact that these streaming applications are able to compete in quality with those that are usually only offered by traditional broadcasters. Why bother with movies or documentaries when you’re only looking to watch football or vice versa?!

This Route is the Future of TV

We are not saying that cutting the cable to your TV is the only way to go, but as we’ve seen over the years, technology changes, adapts, improves, and eventually kills the existing tech. The television in general is not going anywhere, but the means by which we consume content is reaching a whole new level. Have a seat on your favourite sofa tonight, take the time to go through all the channels you have at your disposal, and you too will realize that if football is your passion, or movies are the way to go, everything else is just clutter.

This disruption process is ongoing. And as the cost of content gets more accessible, and the time for the cable monopolies is drawing to a close. It’s time to join the flight and embrace the world of online streaming. As a football fan, this should be the easiest decision to make, especially because everything will now be under your control. You get greater convenience, more access, and only what you want to pay for. Like we’ve said throughout, if you want to embrace change, online football streaming is the route to take.