Is It That Different?

When you think of Dubai, luxury, beaches, hot weather and certain myths come to mind.

However, is it that different to the West? Today we are going to debunk give myths about Dubai, so you can have a clearer idea of what to expect if you decide to relocate to Dubai.

According to, it is necessary to get take these myths out of your head, because it will help you to assimilate faster once you arrive here.

Thus, let’s start right now!

#1 – It Is Outrageously Expensive:

You can make your life as expensive or as affordable as you desire.

First, it is cheaper to live in Dubai than in the following cities:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. London
  3. NYC
  4. Singapore

Therefore, it is not the most expensive city to live in the world as some media outlets have tried to say.

If you keep a budget, then it is not very expensive to live here. You decide how much to spend, because if you decide to eat out every day, then it will significantly increase your spending. On the other hand, if you are more conservative with your spending, then you will see that your salary will last much longer.

#2 – Women Are Second-class Citizens:

There are some restrictions, for example, public affection display are forbidden, but other than that…

  1. You can wear bikini to the beach, no problem with that!
  2. You do not have to wear burka or be covered from head to toe, although, you need to be a bit more conservative in the way you dress
  3. You do not need a male companion to leave your home

Forget about this absurd myth. Sure, harassment still exists, but the security in the city is excellent and you can pursue any career you desire or start any business. None will stop you.

#3 – There Is No Soul and Culture:

“It is a soulless concrete jungle in the middle of the desert!”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to its rich mixture of different cultures, you will rarely find a more vibrant city than Dubai.

You can try cuisines from all over the world here.

You will meet people from practically every nationality in the world.

There are many cultural activities to suit every kind of individual.

There is no homogenous culture, that is true, but it does not make Dubai a soulless city. To the contrary, its multicultural essence makes it a land full of adventures and new experiences to try.

#4 – There Is No Nightlife:

To the contrary, Dubai’s nightlife is very active. Here you can find so many clubs, just to name a few:

  1. White Dubai
  2. Cirque Le Soir
  3. Billionaire Mansion
  4. People by Crystal
  5. Armani Prive

Moreover, alcohol is not prohibited; it is simply restricted to licensed bars and spaces. You may not have as much freedom as other countries in the world, but that is not to say that Dubai’s nightlife is boring, of course not!

#5 – You Must Speak Arabic:

This is a ridiculous myth.

Sure, you can benefit from speaking Arabic, but saying it is a must is inaccurate at best, because most people living here are expatriates, and guess what language they speak… English!

The top five languages in Dubai are English, Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam and Hindi. However, the mother tongue of the UAE has lost its battle against English, therefore, this myth is simply not true.


These were five one of the most common myths about Dubai. Now that we have debunked these misconceptions, you can see that this city has a lot to offer, and therefore, a relocation-worthy destination.